Application Security

Application Security

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Checkmarx Aligns With Wiz to Improve Application Security

Checkmarx has integrated its platform for securing application development environments with Wiz's CNAPP ...
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ChatGPT Plugin Security Vulnerabilities Exploited By Hackers

In the realm of cybersecurity, constant vigilance is paramount as threat actors perpetually seek novel ways to exploit vulnerabilities. Recent research has shed light on a concerning trend: the potential misuse of ...

Linux Kernel 6.8 Released: New Features and Hardware Support

Linus Torvalds recently announced the release of Linux kernel 6.8, the latest stable version of the Linux kernel. This update brings a plethora of new features and improvements, making it a significant ...
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Apple M-Series FAIL: GoFetch Flaw Finds Crypto Keys

GoFAIL: Researchers worm their way into broken cache-filling microcode in most Macs and iPads ...
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Application Security for Dummies: The Only Way Forward

To improve application security, we must make security so stupid that anyone can do it, and that applies up and down the stack ...
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Workshop: Custom Security Tests for API Security

Workshop “How to write custom security tests” – Main Takeaways

Discover the main takeaways from our latest workshop on how to write custom security tests for API security ...
Workshop: Custom Security Tests for API Security

Why security engineers need a new approach to identify business logic flaws

Learn why security engineers need a new approach to identify business logic flaws ...
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Sentry, GitHub Use AI to Help Fix Coding Errors

Developers are getting more help detecting and addressing bugs in their code through new AI-based tools that and GitHub each introduced this week. Sentry unveiled the beta of Autofix, a feature ...
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