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SBOM, VDR, and Maven: Transforming the Apache Logging experience to a common pattern

SBOM, VDR, and Maven: Transforming the Apache Logging experience to a common pattern

In late 2023, a few members of the Apache Logging Services project – known for providing the famous Log4j logging framework – received funding from the Sovereign Tech Fund (STF) to enhance ...

Prioritizing Vulnerabilities: A Growing Imperative

Did a security breach just become your biggest nightmare? It’s a harsh reality for many companies. A whopping 76% of enterprise IT security executives reported business disruptions due to vulnerabilities... The post ...

LockBit Hacker Sentenced To 4 Years Jail Plus Fined $860K

Recent reports about legal proceedings, a 34-year-old Russian-Canadian national, Mikhail Vasiliev, has been handed a sentence of almost four years in Canadian prison. Vasiliev’s involvement in the global ransomware scheme known as ...
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Google: Zero-Day Attacks Rise, Spyware and China are Dangers

The number of zero-day vulnerabilities that are exploited jumped in 2023, with enterprises becoming a larger target and spyware vendors and China-backed cyberespionage groups playing an increasingly bigger role, according to Google ...
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Hundreds of Clusters Attacked Due to Unpatched Flaw in Ray AI Framework

Thousands of servers running AI workloads are under attack by threat actors exploiting an unpatched vulnerability in the open-source Ray AI framework – widely used by such companies as OpenAI, Uber, Amazon, ...
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How a Security Data Fabric Approach Can Transform the GRC Function

Creating a security data fabric protects an organization’s investment in its security and other IT controls by identifying performance issues so they can be fixed ...
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Vulnerability Management Lifecycle in DevSecOps

Vulnerability Management Lifecycle in DevSecOps

In this new series, CJ May shares his expertise in implementing secure-by-design software processes that empower engineering teams. The first stage of his DevSecOps program: vulnerability management ...