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gamification, gamified, training, Fortinet Mimecast training

Mimecast Makes Security Training a Laughing Matter

Mimecast has found the best way to train employees on cybersecurity is with a healthy dose of humor. The company has developed a sitcom-style training program it offers via a subscription that’s ...
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security collaboration Cohesity The Time for Collaborative Security Is Now

The Time for Collaborative Security Is Now

As Bruce Schneier famously said, “security is a process, not a product.” We commonly see companies pour millions of dollars into cybersecurity products and tools to protect against vulnerabilities and lower risks, ...
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red team SEC data security privacy How to Bring DevOps and Security Teams Closer Together

How to Bring DevOps and Security Teams Closer Together

More often than not, there seems to be friction between DevOps and security teams. Despite having the same end goals of creating the most secure code and preventing any potential security pitfalls, ...
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identity cyberattacks ransomware

DevOps Chat: Specops Makes Password Auditor Free To Help WFH

With so many working from home (WFH), security is being tested perhaps like it never has before. The good folks at Specops have made their password auditor product free during this trying ...
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Cloud Ops Qualys DevOps Chats

DevOps Chats: Free Remote Endpoint Protection From Qualys

Many companies are responding to the large number of people working from home as a result of the public health situation. Qualys has rolled out a totally free 60-day version of its ...
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Netskope ChatGPT ransomware applications Palo Alto Google data privacy

DevOps Chats: Open Source Security, With WhiteSource

WhiteSource, one of the leaders in the software composition analysis space, recently released its annual report, “The State of Open Source Security Vulnerabilities.” It is chock full of good data and findings ...
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DevOps Chats: Route Intelligence From Contrast Security

Contrast Security has released the first “Route Intelligence” functionality in the latest version of its next-generation security platform. In this DevOps Chats, we speak with Contrast’s CTO/co-founder, Jeff Williams, about what route ...
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SentinelOne Uptycs Lacework Palo Alto CNAPP cloud security misconfiguration multi-cloud security Cloudflare cloud disaster recovery DR security

DevOps Chats: Tufin SecureCloud Secures Hybrid Cloud Environments

Tufin Technologies has announced SecureCloud,  which combines and builds on Tufin’s Orca and Iris offerings to offer one product for comprehensive cloud security policy. In this DevOps Chats, we had a chance ...
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DevOps Chats: Analyzing WhiteHat Security’s DevSecOps Survey Results

WhiteHat Security is one of the pioneers in AppSec. As such, the company was an early advocate for DevSecOps. WhiteHat has been doing annual surveys of the security and developer space for ...
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DevOps Chats: Security for Developers, With ShiftLeft

DevSecOps has become a real thing over the last few years. The big shift has been making security tools that developers can use. ShiftLeft has been one of the leaders in this ...
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