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‘Darcula’ PhaaS Campaign Sinks Fangs into Victims

A sprawling phishing-as-a-service (PhaaS) campaign that has been running since at least last summer is using more than 20,000 fake domains to target a wide range of organizations in more than 100 ...
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Industrial Enterprise Operational Technology Under Threat From Cyberattacks

One in four industrial enterprises had to temporarily cease operations due to cyberattacks within the past year, suggesting operational technology must improve ...
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Google: Zero-Day Attacks Rise, Spyware and China are Dangers

The number of zero-day vulnerabilities that are exploited jumped in 2023, with enterprises becoming a larger target and spyware vendors and China-backed cyberespionage groups playing an increasingly bigger role, according to Google ...
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Checkmarx Aligns With Wiz to Improve Application Security

Checkmarx has integrated its platform for securing application development environments with Wiz's CNAPP ...
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AI vulnerability

Hundreds of Clusters Attacked Due to Unpatched Flaw in Ray AI Framework

Thousands of servers running AI workloads are under attack by threat actors exploiting an unpatched vulnerability in the open-source Ray AI framework – widely used by such companies as OpenAI, Uber, Amazon, ...
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CISA, FBI Push Software Developers to Eliminate SQL Injection Flaws

The federal government is putting pressure on software makers to ensure that their products don’t include SQL injection vulnerabilities, a longtime and ongoing threat that was put in the spotlight with last ...
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One More Time on SIEM Telemetry / Log Sources …

One More Time on SIEM Telemetry / Log Sources …

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One More Time on SIEM Telemetry / Log Sources …(cross posted from Dark Reading, and inspired by a previous version of this blog)Cyberpunk IT telemetry via Dall-EFor years, organizations deploying Security Information and Event Management ...