Checkmarx CNAPP cloud security palo alto networks Deloitte Broadcom report cloud security threat

Checkmarx Aligns With Wiz to Improve Application Security

Checkmarx has integrated its platform for securing application development environments with Wiz's CNAPP ... Read More
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Ordr GitHub satellite cyberattack Strontium cyberwarfare counter-drone The Legality of Waging War in Cyberspace

Ordr Taps AI to Augment Attack Surface Management

Ordr this week added an attack surface management (ASM) tool infused with artificial intelligence (AI) to its existing asset management portfolio ... Read More
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Edgeless digital immunity, digital security, confidential Oracle recovery gateway, security

Edgeless Systems Brings Confidential Computing to AI

Edgeless Systems Continuum platform applies confidential computing to artificial intelligence (AI) workloads to better secure them ... Read More
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Microsoft CrowdStrike HPE edge IBM attack surface ukraine CISA Log4j CISA BlackBerry IoT connected device Bluetooth

CrowdStrike Extends Scope and Reach of Cybersecurity Portfolio

CrowdStrike acquired Flow Security to add DSPM to its portfolio and is offering an MDR service from Dell that integrates with its Falcon XDR ... Read More
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IONIX software supply chain, secure, Checkmarx Abnormal Security cyberattack supply chain cybersecurity

IONIX ASM Platform Adds Testing Tools to Simulate Cyberattacks

IONIX extended its ASM platform to include the ability to use simulations to conduct tests without disrupting production environments ... Read More
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NetApp data broker FTC location data

NetApp Leverages AI to Make File System Ransomware Resistant

NetApp embedded artificial intelligence capabilities in its ONTAP file system that can identify ransomware threats in real time ... Read More
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Entro service account Machine Learning to Address Evolving Threats

Entro Streamlines Machine Identity Life Cycle Management

Entro has added a life cycle management capability to its namesake platform for discovering and managing machine identities ... Read More
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panasonic nvidia ransomware XDR ransom ProxyLogon Black Kingdom Egregor

Report: Average Initial Ransomware Demand in 2023 Reached $600K

An Arctic Wolf report found the median initial ransom demand made by cybercriminals rose 20% year-over-year to $600,000 ... Read More
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Falco Edgio Salt Security APIs, organizations, Open APIs API CIS COVID-19 cybersecurity

CNCF Graduates Falco Project to Improve Linux Security

The Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) announced today that Falco, an open source tool for defining security rules in Linux environments, has officially graduated ... Read More
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Synopsys Aim open source Microsoft data human cybersecurity organizations disaster cybersecurity ransomware HelpSystems human side of cybersecurity

Synopsys Report Exposes Extent of Open Source Software Security Risks

Synopsys found 74% of 1,067 commercial codebases scanned contain open source components impacted by high-risk vulnerabilities ... Read More
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